Gallery of Paintings by David R. Darrow
Painted on the Dave the Painting Guy Internet PaintCast™
or as part of his oil painting project: at

slo_creek covered_in_light_full get_wine ethan_full noah_full
coyote_girl marietta mustard_seed emily madam_s
art_and_music downtime marland angelic_glance kenyan_daughter
folded gladys_at_rose_window arroyo pacheco_pass gardenia_in_glass
simple_sustinance chili dreaming_costa_rica_sm voice hoping
ren-man_finish_s samuel_gompers stargazer ren-girl ashtonsmorning
black_curls talya_lg the_theologian standing_nude dscn8155
erica_p femme_study_w drew_pose_full john_warby_finish01 buntyimg_3790_2sm
charles_in_charge teresa57 captin_nick_s_full anne_painting_final sarah_bansemer
dscn5973 derek_in_black_hat scott_huddleson dscn5630-lora_sm nubian_full
poojah_print maureen_6_x_8 natalie_print__6_x_10_7600 theblindmerchant_cs jan_5x7
alison_painting jamie_lg michael green_wall megan
jen sofa_nude blythe jessi_2 mariam
drewb braids_and_a_black_tee megen jessi carmen
doughnut_hole check_fit cut_rose unforeseen_conclusion promise
more_please uncork raven kiss luthier
chocolates remorse love_song worth green_shirt
wanderer simple_beauty braids locket storm_brewin
searching champagne mexican_limes darin dancer
fairbanks grizzled ashleys_dream communion salt_pepper
red_white_and_cheese notbreadalone redandwhite nightclubmorning morning_paper
dressed_up grape_silver mantel bouquet_in_the_making old_hat
grading freedom this lilypad ixia
still_life_teapot harbor_angel custard_stand_lg calla_lily_2 gardenia
calla_lily angel_unaware goodthing rose_key pbj
lighthouse seated_nude female_torso la_jolla_2 elsewhere
marie-laure-red la-jolla-in-june greyson tea_and_orchid new_wool_hat
juliette yellow_sweater orchid profile defeated
tangerine_dream silver_nosering kona_missionary mexican_waitress valentine
father_phoon warrior charlotte roslyn

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