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Figure & Portrait Painting Workshop

No 2012 Workshops Scheduled Yet

Please come back and check for 2012 Workshop plans.
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Public and Private Demonstrations

To schedule a discussion or painting demonstration, please email me.


Everyday Paintings, Oil Painting Project

Take a look at David R. Darrow's Everyday Paintings Oil Painting Project.

To see a complete gallery of all paintings to date done for this series, see David R. Darrow's Complete Everyday Paintings Gallery.

My Galleries

Seeking Additional Gallery Representation

I am currently seeking additional galleries to show my work for sale. If you are interested in having my work in your gallery, or can recommend a gallery that shows work of a similar genre or style, please write to me and tell me the name and phone number of the person to contact, and I will follow up on your referral immediately. All referrals are greatly appreciated.

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